A family owned business with over 50 years experience in the maintenance and building services environment.Our continuing success is due to our overriding commitment to provide a quality service and best value solutions to our clients across a wide range of disciplines.

We provide a range of bundled services ensuring your equipment and systems are maintained to the highest standards to minimise downtime, extend equipment life span and reduce predictable failures, all at a cost which may surprise.

We can provide full energy surveys for your premises and issue detailed reports with recommendations to reduce your energy consumption, running costs, and your carbon footprint wherever possible.

We provide certification to ensure that your business has the required records to meet todays ever increasing legislation in terms of Refrigerant gases, Electrical Systems,Emergency Lighting, Gas Systems , LEV, and many others.

All our maintenance contracts are tailor made to each specific client and site to suit YOUR needs.
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Whether small individual split systems or large DX and VRV/VRF systems your air conditioning  is a key element in environmental control and a major source of energy expenditure if not correctly maintained and operated for optimal performance:


  • Design, installation, service & maintenance to provide a comfortable working environment and essential equipment protection.
  • Manufacturer backed warranty services to ensure optimum operation of your equipment.
  • TM 44 Inspections to comply with The Scottish Government legal standards.
  • F-Gas Inspection and verification to comply with the updated refrigerant legislation in the UK.


From an extra socket to large distribution systems we will tailor a solution to meet your electrical requirements, including:


  • Periodic Inspection and testing.
  • Thermal Imaging Services.
  • Energy Survey, reduction and monitoring.
  • Electrical Repairs.
  • Emergency Lighting Inspection & Certification.

Providing quality HVAC, Electrical and Mechanial Solutions to Scottish Business


Service and maintenance of your systems and components, including:


  • Air Handling Units.
  • Pumps.
  • Fans.
  • Motors.
  • Bacteriological coil and system cleaning.

Providing quality HVAC, Electrical and Mechanial Solutions to Scottish Business



Installation, service, maintenance and repair of boilers, burners and systems, including:


  • Strength testing and certification.
  • Tightness testing and certification.
  • Breakdown Repair.
  • Boiler Service.
  • Controls.

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